Our Studio


Hi there! I am Eden, one half of Blackbolt. I will be writing the majority of our content but Ben will also be chiming in here and there. We want this to be an open space to talk with our audience in a casual way. I can guarantee there will be typos throughout! We wanted to start this blog to tell you more about what is going on in our studio and connect with you. Today we are going to share a little bit more about our space and what inspires us. We live in Birmingham, Alabama and love our city! We are currently renting a little historic apartment in the Highland Park area and love it. We have a dog (Finn) so we are always going on walks to the different parks. We love watching the seasons change in this area. Our favorite seasons are fall and winter. We have a little office/studio space in our apartment that we love. It’s extremely convenient and inspiring. One day we would love to have a studio outside of our home, but this works great for now! Ben works both for a different company as well as Blackbolt so I am in the studio a bit more but we are also in here together some of the time.

Things that keep us motivated, inspired, and productive.

  1. Cleanliness — no one likes a cluttered space! However, as creatives, things can get cluttered very quickly. Between sketch books, pens/pencils, paint, paper, sticky notes, coffee mugs, etc., things can get messy really quick! I try to do a quick tidy every morning before I start the day so I don’t feel like I am sitting in a mess. This doesn’t always happen but I can definitely see a difference when I do!

  2. Music — we almost always have peaceful music or a podcast playing in the background. This seems to keep me on task and not wonder off in thought too much.

  3. Candles or Diffusing oils — keeping our diffuser or candles going sets a calm mood. Spending all day in a small room with little interaction can make me feel very cooped up at times. I will occasionally leave and go to a coffee shop if I can’t shake that feeling. Often times I can light a candle or open a window and feel a little less cooped up.

  4. Coffee & Tea — Always. I feel like this is pretty common but if we are feeling sluggish and need a little pick me up, I will put on a pot of coffee to regain some fuel.

  5. Magazines & Books — While we do spend a fair amount of time browsing through Pinterest, getting off the computer and looking through our favorite design magazines and books always gives a fresh perspective.

  6. Taking breaks — We will take a quick walk, exercise, or get a snack and hang with our pup for a minute. This helps for a quick refresh and then we can jump back in and get to work.

We are excited to start connecting more with you all! We have some cool content lined up but let us know if there is anything you would like to hear more about on our blog — this can be about our process as creatives or just in life!

Eden & Ben Blackburn