Photo by Laura Walker


Mosaic Birmingham — Illustration Sermon Series

We did branding for an Ascension & Pentecost four week sermon series at Mosaic Birmingham. We wanted to design both with distinctive features while still giving the series a cohesive feel.

Ascension needed to feel ethereal, mysterious, but uplifting. In addition to this, it needed to be an image that provided an element or representation of the story that the viewers could recognize and recall in order to have an insight to what they should expect. Pentecost needed to feel a bit stranger than Ascension. It needed to have the visual representation of the story and concepts involved but also needed to include the mysterious feelings that accompany Pentecost.

We decided on using the same font for the series for both Ascension & Pentecost. We chose an organic font called Trattatello that gave the series a connection to the past and complemented the subtle organic nature of the illustrated marks used for each portion of the series. The series felt cohesive with the typeface and logo marks, but was given distinctive differences through the custom marks and color contrast.